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A Spooky Snohomish Wedding Idea

If I'm going to be honest then I'm going to tell you: If I could do it all over again, I would get married on Halloween. It is, quite honestly, one of my favorite times of the year!

So, that's why I wanted to share with some of my favorite Halloween-inspired wedding ideas and while I was going through pictures, I kept coming back to one of my favorite style-shoots done right here in my backyard with many of my friends.

About three years ago, one of my favorite wedding planners, Eventful Moments, put together a Halloween-themed style shoot out at Dairyland and had it shot by Vail Studios. What I loved about it was that it wasn't cliche and gimmicky and it is certainly timeless. The whole design was elegant with just hints of the macabre, such as the skulls or the creepy crawler on the cake.

Tiffany from Flowers by Tiffany - another one of my very favorite Snohomish people, used deep, rich dark colors in all of the floral as well which just added to the opulence of the entire design.

And who says your wedding dress has to be white? Well, on Halloween, you get to wear anything you want - especially black! And the simple, form-fitting dress from Laineemeg Bridal would be perfect for any witchy queen!

I've posted a few of my favorite pictures but you can see the whole shoot in Seattle Bride Magazine here.

#halloweenweddingideas #eventfulmoments

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