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Wedding Songs I Hate to Admit I Love

When you DJ a ton of weddings, parties, and events, it is really easy to get tired of certain songs. Plus, there is a phenomena that I call "Lazy DJ'ing" which is playing the more obvious songs of a standard playlist. So, I will admit that I hate the songs I hate, like "YMCA" or "Call Me Maybe," because it feels like lazy DJ'ing.

But there are songs I'm embarrassed to admit I love. And it's because, honestly, no matter how old or cliche they are, they really have some magic with them and get people excited and having fun when they come on the speakers. So here are some of my favorite songs I hate for loving them!

Don't Stop Believing - First of all, just watch the video - this song is pure energy! Plus, I have to admit, it really is timeless and gets all generations out on a wedding dance floor like no other. One venue I have worked at a lot invented the hashtag #journeycircle after watching wedding after wedding where when this song came on, everyone circled up on the dance floor and sang this at the top of the lungs to one another.

You may not know this, but back in the day I DJ'd at Cowgirls, Inc. in Pioneer Square. No, I did not wear a bikini top and chaps. But, I did help create the magic that was beautiful women dancing on the bar. And a song I loved was Man I Feel Like a Woman

by Shania Twain. Now, believe it or not, I had a lot of fun and happy moments working there and so this is a song that brings back some great memories. I met really cool clients, taught line dancing and the women who worked there all have a special place in my heart. And, if pressed hard enough, I can prove that I still know the steps to the Cowgirl's dance...

Wobble by V.I.C. - This is an all-time favorite group dance song. And thankfully, it has replaced the wedding cliche "Chicken Dance" - thank god! But you do have to know the dance because how to Wobble is not described in the song itself. So, that always adds a little fun as a spectator, which I am as the DJ, watching people interpret the dance. Plus, you have to admit that the beat is really fun. Here is a video from a wedding I did showing just how much the guests love to Wobble..!

And here is another event with the Wobble - Military style!

My final song I hate to admit I love is Let It Go from Frozen. Most adults' ears bleed when this song comes on because little girls around the world ruined it for everyone by playing it over and over and OVER again. But I was spared the overexposure and so I still love the sentiment - the message of this is who I am and no one else's opinions matter. In fact, my favorite image with this is song is when I played it for a Father-Daughter dance that the City of Everett does every year. When I played it at that first dance after it came out, nearly every father (or father figure) and their little daughters were dancing together and the daddy's were shamelessly singing the song at the top of their lungs. The guys did not care how they looked because their little girl loved it. And the men knew all of the words. So this song is pure joy & love to me know because of that moment.

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