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Part 2: How To Be A Great Wedding Guest

Hello dear Wedding Guest! How is your summer going so far? I hope you aren't here reading this blog post because one of your friends is concerned about you. But if you are, I'm happy to help make sure that you don't go down in history in the worst kind of way for misbehaving at a wedding.

So here is Part 2 on tips for how to be a great wedding guest this summer.


Click Here for Part 1 of this article



The couple has worked with the DJ and has planned how the music will go. It’s usually ok to make requests, but if the DJ tells you it on the “do not play” list, please don’t go crying to the bride or groom demanding them to make the DJ play the Macarena.

Watch the first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances from the sidelines. Be aware of where the photographer and videographer may be; the couple is paying them to capture these moments. If you have not been specifically invited to dance during any of the traditional dances, then stay off the dance floor.

Once the announcement is made for everyone to dance, get out there and shake that thang! The couple wants a party, so join in and have some fun.

This is SUCH and obvious and important thing to me that I did a video about my Pet Peeves last year. But in case, you'd rather read, here's a short list:

  • Asking for the microphone when it is not pre-planned

  • Making a big deal about not liking a song or wanting your request “now” or “next”

  • Placing your drinks on or near the DJ’s equipment.

  • Being rude or aggressive


When a couple hires a photographer, they are counting on that team to capture their day. Many photographers have clauses that state no one else is allowed to take photos at the same time they are.

And show the professionals the courtesy they deserve which means giving them the freedom to take the couple away to take picture and space to do their job. During a wedding & reception, there are pictures that are time-sensitive such as grabbing that epic sunset photo. And when pictures are being taken, do not distract the subjects of the photo with “look over here” while you take a picture. Also, be aware if you are photo-bombing a shot that the official photographer is taking. Best yet, grab a drink and hang out by the bar and stay as far away as possible from the photo-taking action.

Guestbook and Favors

Many couples are not doing a traditional guestbook any more. However, there are often creative ways offered for guests to write notes or advice on; sometimes they will turn this into art they display in their home. Have fun and help make some memories. While you are at it, take a favor as well. This is a thank you to for coming, even if it’s lame, just take it and toss it in your pile of junk later. It will be disappointing for couples when there is little participation in the guestbook and most of their favors are left behind.


Finally, if you bring kids to a wedding, make sure they have things to do (coloring book, etc.) and be responsible for them. Many venues have water features that look inviting to little kids. Sometimes bored, unattended kids will dig up or climb rockeries, wade in ponds and try to drown their siblings all in a span of minutes. Not to mention, unattended kids can do the most damage to a venue and the couple will lose a portion if not all of their damage deposit because of it.

So, while you want to drink your way to the bottom of several glasses of free champagne and let the minions run wild with their cousins, you really need to have a plan and set expectation for who is going to keep on eye the kids during the event so that you don't end up with an awkward conversation with the bride or groom later when they hand you a bill for new landscaping at the venue or repainting the bathroom walls to cover up the graffiti.

Oh - and this applies to pets! If the venue is outdoor - don't assume it's an off-leash dog park. Leave your pets at home!


To be honest, this is an extremely short list of all the ways your guests should use common sense at your wedding. So if you have a few friends or that one cousin you are afraid will do something at your wedding, you might consider sharing this with them and hope for the best!

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